Ludlowi peony

The Chinese name for the species Paeonia ludlowii, Da hua huang mu dan, means “big yellow-flowered tree peony”, while the botanical name comes from the English botanist Ludlow who together with Sheriff discovered it in Tibet in 1936. It grows wild in a small area of southern Tibet at altitudes of between 2,900 and 3,500 m, in sparse forests, in woods full of thickets or on granite ridges. It differs from the P. delavayi species for its larger size, reaching even more than 3 m in height, with bigger, pure yellow flowers, and shrubs producing few shoots. It is at risk of extinction.

Ludlowi peony

  • Tree peony
  • Single flower
  • Intermediate flowering
  • Vigorous
  • Tall
  • Intense scent
  • Yellow
Ludlowi peony (Paeonia Ludlowii) | Centro Botanico Moutan

P. ludlowii is a tree peony with the following characteristics: small flower (8-10 cm diameter) in bright yellow with prominent stamen. The leaf has deep splits which divide it into nine little leaflets.

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