Rules for planting 

  • Prepare a 60 cm hole in width and depth. Put some sand at the bottom of the hole for drainage.
  • Over the drainage, arrange some very loose soil to form a sort of cone.
  • Spread the roots of the peony and place them on the cone of soil.
  • Add some loose soil so that it adheres as much as possible to the roots, keeping the plant quite high up over the surrounding earth so that water doesn’t stagnate.

Position, exposure, soil 

The choice of the plant’s position can depend on various factors, including landscaping. However, it is necessary to not overlook certain elements, which, if considered at the time of planting, will enable the plant to live in optimum conditions for many, many years. In this regard, it is important to:

  • Avoid, if possible, an eastward exposure: the first sunrays, in fact, in the event of late frost could burn/scorch the new buds;
  • Seek a position in full sun or partial shade. The ideal position is beneath deciduous trees which, at the start of the spring, allow the first sunrays to open up the buds avoiding speedy flowering due to too direct light and protecting the plant from damage caused by any late frost or snow;
  • Ensure the soil is well drained and there is no stagnant water, possibly in slightly raised flowerbeds;
  • Seek an exposure protected from strong winds especially for the varieties whose shrub tends to grow upwards like those of the species P. ostii (White phoenix, Pink phoenix, Lotus before the sun).



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