Ludlowi peony

Paeonia Ludlowii

Ludlowi peony (Paeonia Ludlowii) | Centro Botanico Moutan

P. ludlowii is a tree peony with the following characteristics: small flower (8-10 cm diameter) in bright yellow with prominent stamen. The leaf has deep splits which divide it into nine little leaflets. Very pleasant scent; flowers loved by bees. The shrub is very tall with vigorous growth. It forms a large woody shrub, with few branches, broad and sometimes exceeding two and a half metres in height. Intermediate flowering. It is also called “Tibetan peony” as it is originally from the area in southeast Tibet.

Tree peony Tree peony
Single flower Single flower
Intermediate flowering Intermediate flowering
Vigorous Vigorous
Tall Tall
Intense scent Intense scent
Yellow Yellow



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