Treee peony - Jade Palace

Yu Lou Dian Cui

Treee peony - Jade Palace (Yu Lou Dian Cui) | Centro Botanico Moutan

Tree peony of the Suffruticosa species with the following characteristics: Drooping bomb flower, that the Chinese describe as "Hortensia Hydrangea flower", in a very pale pink colour fading in a slightly darker nuance towards the base of the petals that lightens while blooming. Fairly vigorous shrub, robust and compact, but naturally drooping because of the weight of the flowers. Pointy leaves in a fascinating medium green colour, that fades to yellow at the end of the summer, purple-brown veins.  Delicate pleasant scent. Late flowering time.

Tree peony Tree peony
Double flower Double flower
Late flowering Late flowering
Upright Upright
Medium height Medium height
Delicate scent Delicate scent
Pale pink Pale pink

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