Tree peony - Smiling country maiden

Cong Zhong Xiao

Suffruticosa tree peony with the following characteristics: semi double flower with petaloids, in deep pink. Delicate perfume. Tall, vigorous shrub. Intermediate flowering.

Tree peony Tree peony
Semi-double flower Semi-double flower
Intermediate flowering Intermediate flowering
Vigorous Vigorous
Tall Tall
Delicate scent Delicate scent
Deep pink Deep pink
P031A - Type A (1 branch): € 35,00
P031BC - Type BC (2-3 branches): € 65,00
In this time of year the Botanical Center can not perform the removal of the plant and shipment of your order.
You will be contacted by the Centro Botanico Moutan near the ship date for the payment and execute your order.



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