Tree peony - White phoenix

Feng Dan Bai

Tree peony - White phoenix (Feng Dan Bai) | Centro Botanico Moutan

Osti tree peony with the following characteristics: single flower, normally with twelve petals, in white, sometimes flushed with pink. Very delicate scent, typical of the peony. It sometimes has pinkish veining. Tall, vigorous and upright shrub. Its leaves are lobed only in exceptional cases. Very early flowering; it is the first variety to bloom, but its flowering period is very long. Its flower buds are used to make elegant spring bouquets. White phoenix is the most widespread cultivar of the Paeonia Ostii species and has been used in traditional medicine in China for centuries.

Tree peony Tree peony
Single flower Single flower
Early flowering Early flowering
Vigorous Vigorous
Tall Tall
Delicate scent Delicate scent
White White

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