Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P. Tuscia

Olio extra vergine d'oliva EVO

From an age-old olive grove in the areas surrounding the peony plantation, on the slopes of the Cimini mountains, the Centro Botanico Moutan produces an extra-virgin olive oil made from different varieties of olives (70% leccino, caninese, frantoio; 30% fosco, pendolino, corniolo and moraiolo). This blend, together with the volcanic soil typical of this area, gives life to a product with a unique flavour. Centro Botanico Moutan Evo olive oil is obtained from olives hand harvested in October, before they are fully ripe, and cold pressed within 20 hours of harvesting. This makes the oil particularly rich in anti-oxidants, of excellent quality and extremely low acidity. A really outstanding, world class product.

Organoleptic characteristics: fruity aroma, delicate taste with a peppery finish, intense, bright green colour.




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