This month’s work: April

In April, planting can only be carried out for already potted plants, and not bare root plants. In the case of just-planted plants, special attention should be paid to irrigation. At this time the leaves are open, the roots are working full time and the flower buds are quite visibly getting bigger. April is flowering time for tree peonies in the suffruticosa group, particularly early and intermediate flowering plants. During flowering time it is very important to ensure that the plant has everything it needs, and to pay particular attention to watering, intervening only when necessary and without exaggerating. Pruning can also be carried out, removing any shoots from the base that will not add to the shape of the shrub.

This is the most risky time for grey mould. The treatment administered in March can be repeated twice, two weeks apart. For varieties with very heavy flowers, it is better to use stakes to prevent the stems bending under the weight. Special ones can be got for herbaceous peonies.



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