This month’s work: February

In February, you can still plant bare root tree peonies as long the temperatures are not too mild and spring hasn’t arrived early. For herbaceous peonies, instead, it is already too late. Having checked that the soil isn’t frozen, transplanting can be carried out, making a big enough hole. Watering is necessary only for potted plants and only in the event of prolonged absence of rain, while it is not necessary for grounded plants.

This is the time for pruning, cutting the branches so as to give the shrub a better shape. We advise removing also some branches from inside the plant if it is very dense, to allow air to circulate better.

If the weather is particularly mild, it is also possible to remove some buds from the branches (debudding), but this is not necessary for peonies in the garden.

As regards pruning, in this period only dead branches and withered fruit from the previous year should be cut. Moreover, and not every year, sprinkle a little powdered lime around the plant, to disinfect and increase the pH of too acidic soil. From the end of this month the plant continues its vegetative cycle and, until autumn, it is no longer possible to carry out any kind of propagation.



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