This month’s work: March

In the month of March, potted plants can still be planted but not bare root ones. With the arrival of spring, the roots begin to grow and the buds swell; that is why it is necessary to monitor the state of the plant and, if needed, water it whether in the ground or in a pot, if there are prolonged period without rain. Fertilisation is recommended, without exaggerating and avoiding products high in sulphur. Foliar feeding can be carried out but keeping an eye out for night time frosts.

To shape the shrub, it is still possible to remove a few buds growing inwards (debudding) and to prune, getting rid of dried out branches.

In this month, buds are beginning to open: so in the case of a wet climate, a preventive treatment against grey mould is recommended.

Debudding and pruning of the shoots at the base of the plant can be carried out on very vigorous plants to avoid new flowers being undernourished.



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