This month’s work: May

In May, planting can be carried out only in pots. Transplanting and propagation should be avoided at all costs. The plants have reached the height of their vegetative maturity and their leaves now form large, dense bushes. May is flowering time first for P. rockii, for some late flowering paeonie suffruticose and for herbaceous peonies, while most Paeonie suffruticose are already withering. It is important to pay attention to watering both for grounded plants, recently transplanted, as well as potted ones, intervening only when necessary. After flowering time we recommend you distribute a little fertiliser: the plant needs also to produce seeds and flower buds for the coming year. Furthermore, it is still possible to remove the shoots at the base of the plant if they are not needed to form the shrub. If you do not wish to make the most of the plant, which uses major resources to seed, you can remove the flowers once the petals have fallen.

In the event of heavy and frequent rain, the grey mould treatment can be repeated as per the months of March and April. To prolong flowering and to protect the open corolla from the rain, you can make some small shelters in straw or cloth.



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