This month’s work: October

In the month of October, peonies begin their period of rest. Therefore, you can now carry out planting of bare roots plants or transplanting of plug plants. To identify the right place for planting, we recommend you elect a location that ensures sunny exposure in very cold regions, and in partial shade in hotter regions. Irrigation is not required for grounded plants, unless they have just been planted. We do recommend, however, you water as necessary potted plants. It is possible to fertilise, as long as you use a slow release fertiliser, better again if organic, like bone meal or manure.

Also for herbaceous peonies, whose withered vegetation should be cut at the base and removed, replanting, root division or planting can be carried out. It is important not to plant the roots too deep, but just a few cm below the ground level.

For areas at risk of fungus attacks in spring, a preventive treatment can be carried out on the bare plant, using the normal copper-based Bordeaux mixture.



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